Thursday, December 9, 2010

Away in a manger no crib for a bed....nope not here folks...we have a crib!

Tis the season...for PANICING : ) We are down to crunch time folks and I am starting to stress a wee bit about our upcoming wee one! I am in full on nesting mode and getting our nursery all put together. We still have a lot to do! Much more than I would prefer...but thats when I have to slow down and remind myself, we still have 9 weeks or so. Hopefully! Last weekend our crib came in and Dustin and I decided to put it together Sunday night. This was somewhat fitting for the evening since Sunday marked two years since we had our first date. I reminded Dustin of the significance of the date and we both commented on how we couldnt think of anything else we would rather do to mark the occassion...than sit in our baby's room, eat gourmet cupcakes that I picked up to note the day, and put together our baby crib. Dustin also took note of just how lucky we were to have this "chore" on our never ending to do list. As he said, not everyone gets to do this, and some would give everything they had to be able to have a baby so we needed to stop and recognize just how lucky we are. And boy are we lucky!! I am blessed beyond words to have the priviledge of being a mother. But I cant help but be the most joyful over my marriage. I have always wanted first and foremost a happy marriage!! Followed by a home, a baby, and a successful pretty much that order. The home and baby would have never been possible without Dustin by my side..not to mention it is a HAPPY home and we both know first hand just how important that is. So on a once again very sappy note..I would like to thank you again Dustin for making all my dreams come true and for being so very, very good to me. You are more than I could have ever hoped for! Being your wife and now the mother of your son is the biggest honor God has ever blessed me with! THANK YOU...and HIM!!
Not much else to report on this week...I am definitely passed the point of being uncomfortable. The back aches, the tight tummy, the swelling, feeling FAT, the whole nine yards are in full effect. Thank goodness though I am in the home stretch. The other not so pleasant side of pregnancy has been my hormones (yet another reason why Dustin is a saint..I have been a peach lately, ha ha) I am not angry or mean or anything like that...more like a class A whiner about how uncomfortable I feel...and I worry about the dumbest things all the time. I worry about liking the baby and him liking us. I worry about how I will cope with the lack of pains...nursing, taking care of the baby, being a good mom, knowing what to do, adjusting to life with a wee one, and to be this baby will effect my oh so wonderful marriage. Will it bring us closer, will it be a hinge between us, will we be good parents, will we enjoy being parents. Basically, to quote my Dad..I am fearing the unknown and this is all perfectly normal. Its just so weird to me that life changes FOREVER in a matter of weeks. To all my mommy friends out there reading this, please feel free to comment and tell me I am crazy!! I could use the reassurance!
We have another doc appt on the 17th...then we start going every two weeks! That part is exciting. Thinking about Peanut's "eviction" and the day he joins the world does bring a huge smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart. And as I look at our tree each night I see Christmases yet to come with bikes, Tonka trucks, and other toys under the tree and I cant help but feel giddy. Christmas is so magical with children! Dustin and I have also been reflecting back on our own childhood Christmas memories and that too makes us that much more anxious to welcome our little one into the world. Merry Christmas all, and Merry Christmas Gage Matthew...we'll see you in no more than 70! : )

Oh, enjoy the pics from a few of my baby showers! : ) Thank you all again for all your generosity!

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