Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, Showers, and Thanksmas....Oh My!!!!

It has been a busy last two weeks in the Kelch household!! On Nov 13th two of my friends hosted one AMAZING shower for my closest friends and family. Little Gage and I made out like bandits with strollers, monitors, jumparoos, bouncy seats, pack-n-plays, bedding, and the CUTEST clothes anyone has ever seen. We are truly, truly very spoiled!! That shower was followed by Thanksgiving at our house, and then another shower hosted by my sister in law and 2nd "grammie" Last Saturday we also celebrated "Thanksmas" with Dustin's family. The majority of Dustin's family lives out of town so it was great to get together with everyone and visit and catch up. The shower was that morning and then dinner that evening. Needless to say, maternity pants came in handy that day. If there is one thing Dustin's family can do, its cook! Holy moly, everything tasted DELICIOUS! And the shower was so incredibly to come. Not one detail was left undone and I really appreciated all their efforts. I felt so spoiled and so loved. Dustin and I had MUCH to be thankful for these last two years, God has truly, truly blessed us.
I also started a new job...yet again. I know, I know...but this one seems to really be up my alley and I hope to be here for a very long time! Everyone in the office is fantastic, I enjoy the work, and things are good....but busy. But I am LOVING it.

Dustin and I ordered the crib yesterday, and our bedding will be in on Jan 4th..the nursery is REALLY coming together..courtesy of all our loved ones and their overwhelming generosity!!

Above is a pic of our little Peanut's bedding. I really cant thank you all enough...from co-workers, to friends, to family...the gifts were just unreal!! Thank you all soooo very much
Our next doctor's appt is on Dec 17th, and after that we start going every two weeks. Our little Peanut will be here in 11 weeks or less...where has the time gone? At our last appt the doctor said everything looked great...he is just growing, and KICKING, and getting chubbier in there. Other than that everything is developed and he weighs about 3 pounds already.

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