Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adventures in babysitting! And our last goblin free Halloween!

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last post? Oh goodness folks...you all are gold for putting up with me. Well let's see...where to start catching you all up. The nursery is DONE..well..done with the painting portion! Dustin and I finished painting the nursery last weekend. It was quite a job. We ended up short changing our paint, having to go back and get more. Got stuck in traffic for an hour due to wrecks and road closures..made it to Lowes to wait in line at the paint desk for 30 minutes. Finally made it home to finish painting after 2 hours away. Goodness...painting one room took us all day! This time last year we painted our entire downstairs in a weekend it seems. We laughed as we brought the nursery painting to an end and said baby #2...hope you like blue or white, because we're never painting again. But of course, we all know thats not true.

Last week a friend of Dustin's needed a babysitter for a couple hours. He went to high school with this girl, and I have grown quite fond of her. She lives in our area and will also be the person that keeps our precious Peanut when I go back to work from maternity leave. Anyways, she has 2 kids of her own, around ages 2 and 1. I offered to watch them for a couple hours last week and boy did Dustin and I have fun. They were great kids, they took it easy on D and I. We must have had that rookie look on our faces. We played with them for an hour after their parents left...that was all under control. I fed the baby while her older brother picked at his fish sticks. Aubri, the one year old was a great eater and I enjoyed spooning tiny bites of squash and mushed bananas into her little mouth. She was so cute. After dinner we played a few more minutes and then it was bath time. Saying that these two got a bath was well...not the most accurate statement. It was more of a dunk...with a whole lot of wiggling, laughing, and playing on their part. I think more water got on D and I...and the floors and walls of the bathroom then on the kiddos...BUT..they had a good time..and they did smell sweet afterwards. I took the baby out first and got her ready for bed, but I couldnt find a towel at first so for a half a second she is just being held in the air dripping wet, while I try and grab the nearest towel LOL. I left Dustin in the bathroom with the 2 year old boy to supervise him and finish "dunking" him. Once I got the baby changed, diaper on, and in her jammies Dustin brought big brother in. He patted him dry and we got ready to put his diaper and jammies on...when all of the suddent the cold air must have been too much for little guys and he started tinkling right there in the middle of the room. My expression must have said it all..Dustin immediately saw what was going on...scooped the lil guy back up and wrapped him in a towel...he panicked and asked me what to do...I had no clue..so he just ran to the bathroom with him and sat him down on the potty. It was hysterical. In the mean time, the little girl had quite a runny nose so I decided to get one of those suction boggie things to help clear her nasal passage. She was very cooperative and didnt fuss or wiggle or anything when I put the little contraption up her nose. I squeezed and she jumped back and laughed. Dustin looked at me and shook his head...he said..you know you are supposed to squeeze that before you stick it up her nose...that way when you release the squeeze it suctions all the congestion out...you my dear, just blew a bunch of air up her nose. OH no!! I felt terrible!! At least the little sweat pea laughed when I did this...again..she must have known to take it easy on me. Shortly thereafter the parents came home to rescue their kids from us LOL...Dustin and I laughed..and once we walked into the door of our own house..we looked at eachother with a smile and said..we have a lot to learn! Boy was that the understatement of the year! I will say this though..I knew it already, but watching Dustin with those two kids warmed my heart through and through. I have no doubt he will be an excellent father and I am so very lucky to have kiddos with this guy. Now..if poor Gage can bear with having Lucille Ball as a mother for just a bit, I promise I will learn all I can and take good care of you little guy.

This past weekend we also celebrated Halloween! Dustin and I sat outside with our bowl of candy...and our mini mutt and greeted all the trick or treaters (and good grief were there a lot of them) Day-Z was the perfect pooch not growling or barking at anyone. D and I are growing more and more certain every day that she is going to be a great dog to Gage. We laughed at all the little goblins that came by and talked about how this time last year we were both sitting outside with a cocktail watching all the little kids gather candy. This next Halloween we will be joinnig the ranks of parents tirelessly treking up and down the streets gathering mounds of candy with our very own little goblin. My how things change in one year....and we wouldnt have it any other way!!

In two weeks I have my first shower, and I cannot wait...except..I cannot find anything to wear! I hope to tackle that this weekend and find the perfect, fabulous frock that will hi-lite my little Gage...but still make mommy look like something other than a big bloated person. One thing is for sure...I am SO excited to see some old friends and catch up with family I havent seen in far too long. I am so blessed to have such incredible people in my life! This coming weekend also marks the start of deer season..so...that means...so long Daddy DK...we'll see you after you nab the big one! Dustin spent this past weekend doting on me again. Imagine that. He took me shopping for new clothes and told me to buy everything I loved that fit now, and would have room to grow, practical guy that he is : ) I literally tried on 36 shirts...he calmly, patiently sat on a bench outside the dressing room and didnt grow restless, rush me, or anything. (I think it helped that he had the Texas Tech game going on my phone, which kept him occupied) But still, he happily opened his wallet at the register and kissed me on my cheek and told me how beautiful I was and he hoped I liked my new threads! I dont know what I did to deserve him! Thank you honey!

On a different note, there are so many exciting things coming up...showers, Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, another shower...its exciting times! I will post pics tomorrow evening of my baby bump, which is in full effect, and little G's nursery! Love to you all....

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