Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DReeaaaaaammmmm....dream dream dream....

Its official...I have a case of the antsy pants....I cannot wait to meet our tiny little person. Its finally starting to sink in that we are indeed having a baby! I think this sudden "sink in" is being helped along by the fact that we have officially started work on the nursery! This past weekend Dustin and I decided to go get paint samples from Lowes for Gage's room. Dustin being the brains in this duo, mentioned that maybe we should get the curtains before picking out paint, since the curtains might heavily dictate the paint. Well, what a novel idea : ) I told you he was the brains! Except...the brains did not anticipate my next move...dragging him store to store to find said curtains! Ha ha! At one point I said lets run in to Pier One and see if they have anything. Dustin's retort was, I think I am being dooped..this store doesnt even have curtains you just want to go in here. Wrong!! Not only did we find the perfect set, this set was on CLEARANCE! Got to love a good deal, right? So curtains in tow, we were off to find the perfect paint sample. Six, yes six (thank gosh for those little sample sizes) paint samples later we found the perfect shade of blue to adorn our Peanut's walls! I will post pictures soon of phase 1 of Gage's room. Right now the room consists of 6 or 7 paint samples on the wall...the curtains are hung so I could see them in all their glory for comparitive purposes...and Gage's name is painted in a light blue paint, courtesy of his Daddy. The room is completely cleared out and the base boards and ceiling are taped off and ready for us to roll on a coat or two. Now we just need one extra weekend to get it all done. I have our furniture all picked out. Ironically the PERFECT crib for the room was at Target/Wal-mart. Its made by Graco and its called the "Lauren" crib...how funny is that? Picture of it below. I still need to find the bedding...but other than that, we are ready to go. I have the wall pictures picked out as well...but mums the word on those still..pics to come at a later date.

In addition to getting the nursery ready this past weekend, we celebrated my birthday with my family. My god parents hosted a nice dinner at their home, complete with my all time favorite chocolate cake!! And...I got some great gifts. My grandma and papa gave me all kinds of Ghiradelli chocolates to curve those chocolate cravings...as my grandma said on the card, "sweets for her sweet" My Aunt Debbi got us some very cool baby proof gear for the house. Score! My god parents got us our pack and play which will no doubt come in super handy on trips to see our family and show off our new addition. Dustin and I are so blessed, and the influx of baby gear has us even more excited about Gage's arrival. One thing I may mention....while sitting at dinner with my family we all started to recall how different things were when we were growing up. One of the most fascinating recollections for me...was my Grandmother talking about when they had kids (only 50 years ago, not that long really) they would just put the baby in the front seat of the car next to them and drive with one hand on the baby, and one hand on the wheel. No car seats, seat belts, none of that..just a swaddled baby on the seat of the car. My Dad mentioned a strap in the backseat of the old 52' Pontiac that was installed so the kids could stand on the seat and hold on. My, my, how things have changed : ) I also couldnt help but take note that Grandma didnt have an epidural the FOUR times she gave birth...whew...I fell in love with that woman all over again...my heart goes out to people that gave birth before this great new invention. I thought about how they just dont make things like they used to...including women..those were some tough cookies in not so long ago times.

I am also dreaming about our little nugget...which further adds to my antsy pants. Last night I dreamed that it was "D day" aka delivery day. I had no recollection whatsoever of getting my epidural or pushing or anything...? Just one minute Gage wasnt there, the next, there he was. Strange...! However, I find it extremely hilarious that even in my dream I made sure to get that epidural!! The part of the dream I loved most was when they brought my angel to me. He was PERFECT! He looked just like Dustin!! He had dark hair, and Dustin's great skin coloring with one tiny little curl towards the front of his head. All of the doctors kept commenting on how big he was, and how tall. (Guess I will put these big child bearing hips to use afterall LOL) I was so proud of him, he was so perfect, except one little thing. In my dream he had something wrong with his belly button? They had to do surgery to make his belly button look right and it was all bandaged up so I couldnt see it? Other than that, he was the most beautiful little person you had ever laid eyes on..funny belly button and all! I mentioned this belly button situation to my Dad this morning. He laughed at how absurd my dream was and then asked if we needed him to wait in the wing to cut the cord. He said he did good belly buttons, just look at Ashley's (he didnt get to cut my cord) I must admit...that kiddo has one cute belly button (but everything about my sis is adorable) I told Dad to wait in the wing..but I have full faith in DK's cut the cord abilities : )
Sigh...I cannot wait to meet Gage and kiss his sweet skin and hold him close!!

Other than funny belly button dreams and feeling excited things are going great. I continue to feel Gage move around in there and it still brings a smile to my face every time. I can feel that he has gotten considerably bigger from his movements. He takes up a lot of room in there already! I have my next Doctor's appt on Friday at 3pm to see how our Peanut is progressing. I will keep you all posted about what the doctor says. Only 4 1/2 more months to go!! I hope with the approaching holidays it flies by!!

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