Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching Up..Week #8

Wow..so much to catch up on. So much has happened in the last few weeks. D and I went to California and had an absolute blast, more on that in a minute. We came back to texas only to find that I was laid off...welcome home : ) Since then things have been a whirlwind followed by the 4th of July. But, between us getting back from CA and going back to work before the lay off we were able to get in to see the doctor..and let me just say..oh my goodness!! On our first meeting with the doctor I was able to get some answers to all those questions I had in the beginning. Not only that, but we were able to see and hear the baby inside my tummy! It is absolutely amazing!!! Seriously, this may have been one of the coolest moments in my entire life. Up until that point I hadnt even felt pregnant. I didnt feel sick, tired, too hormonal or even sore..I just had a test that said yes. Upon meeting the doctor though we were able to see our lil Peanut..."he" looks like a thumb in a really big black hole (thats what those cramps were, I was creating his home ) And let me tell you..our Peanut..thumblike as he may be...is the cutest lil smudge on an ultrasound you have ever seen! :) No biased opinions here folks. Not only that, but then we got to hear his little heartbeat...amazing...just amazing!! The lil ticker is going strong!!!
The doctor was pleased with everything. Said his heart rate sounded good, she liked his placement in the big black hole, and thought everything was progressing really well. As I mentioned I am now 2 months along, whoa how did that happen, LOL...so only 3 1/2 more weeks and we are in the clear pretty much..at least for miscarriage. What has been really nice though...knock on wood here...D and I have really been at peace about this lil nugget. I worried quite a bit the first few weeks that I would lose our tiny blessing. But since then..no worry..just an overwhleming excitement about meeting our lil angel.
As far as the whole note feeling pregnant...well let me tell you, that passed. I feel pregnant now. I swear I have a phantom tummy. Sometimes when D and I go for a walk at night, I swear I can feel my tummy 3 feet out in front of me..and I feel like Im waddling already...even though D swears I am not : ) And trips to the grocery store...TORTURE!! Seriously..the smells, the sights, the meat section...oh lordy the meat section..dont get me started....that is the worst. Peanut is still on his regular "kick" with all things spicy. Enchiladas are a constant fave. Pizza, and anything overly greasy or fish of any kind are out of the question. Fish sounds like pickles and eggs to me right now...grotesque!! So far the trend of not liking sweets is still the same. Im telling you..this is not my baby : ) With one slight exception...last Saturday Peanut was giving me a fit. I knew I needed to eat, but for the life of me I could not figure out what it was I wanted to eat. I finally settled on a sandwich, followed by a handful of Doritos...not the healthiest I know..but it did the job. About ten minutes later I had a craving like I have never experienced before. It was just like the movies where the pregnant lady has a craving and has to have it that second. I wanted 2 scoops of ice cream in a real waffle cone...STAT! So off we went...D and I loaded up in the truck and off to cold stone we went. Not only did Peanut know he wanted ice cream..but true to form..he wanted ice cream that I dont like. I wanted a waffle cone full of mint chocolate chip and rocky road..both of which I normally despise. Knowing my tummy/vessel better than Peanut I decided to go with something that complimented one another better...just to see if it could get the job done. I ended up with one scoop of vanilla cake batter and one scoop of chocolate. It did the job!! But I left feeling like I could have eaten about 5 more scoops : ) Saturday morning I woke up with another craving for breakfast...waffles!! So off went my amazing husband to the store to get waffles. But Peanut must have known that out of all the small kitchen appliances we have..a toaster was not included on this list. So not only did Daddy DK go out for waffles, but he came back with a toaster, butter, and syrup as well...now if he didnt look like a guy with a pregnant wife with a craving in line..I dont know who did : )

And I will wrap this up with a tiny tidbit/insight into our trip to CA. As I mentioned we had a phenomenal time and were lucky to partake in the amazing host/hostess that is my Aunt Boopy's house. My Aunt and Uncle are the absolute best. We had a cooler packed for us every day with artisan cheeses, juice, nuts, cookies, and crackers. She was the essential tour guide heading us away from the tourist traps and towards the must see places in CA. And to top it all off, one morning she made Dustin homemade blueberry pancakes, complete with blueberries from her own backyard. My Aunt and Uncle are amazing. But something significant happened on that trip. While sitting at the dinner table one night I actually shut up! : ) For whatever reason D was being especially chatty that evening and I was listening to him talk to my Aunt and Uncle. At one point my Aunt asked D to eleborate on his career and what he did for a living. D is usually so modest I end up filling in for him on his greatness and just how amazing he is. But this time, he gave a really accurate description of what he does. I know what this guy does...heck thats how we met...I didnt need to hear the run down of his daily tasks yet again..but there was something different this time. Sitting there at the table that night I was so overwhelmed with pride. There sat my husband.... such charisma, such charm, poise, confidence, compassion, honesty, and handsome to boot..and that smile...anyone that knows D knows he has that ever so adorable, yet often mischevious smile. It was at that moment I told myself I am ONE LUCKY GIRL. I remember thinking in the shower that night just how amazing my husband was. And I promisedto blog about it when I got home..so there it is...thank you Aunt Boopy for your overwhelming hospitality...and for letting me see once more just how incredibly amazing this husband of mine is.

Our next dr appt is July 30th...but I promise to put up pictures and blog much more now that I am back in the saddle.

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