Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Houston..we have a due date! Sort of....

So...last night I slept like a rock...probably some of the best sleep I have ever had! It was so good I could almost compare it to the kind of sleep you get when you have surgery..that lovely anesthesia induced coma...it was that good last night! As I mentioned in our last blog, we are leaving for CA tomorrow morning. My first doctor's appointment is on Tuesday at 2pm..and I honestly dont know which one I am more excited about..the vacation or my first appointment! I never thought I would be so excited to get poked and prodded! But I am!! : )
My sis-in-law who had a baby 12 weeks ago told me to check out http://www.babycenter.com/. So I decided to do that and sit back and relax until the appt. OH MY GOODNESS! Its a mommy-to-be's dream website. How on earth did our mothers survive without the internet? I really dont know!
This website is the best thing since PB&J..which is my new craving evidently! On the website they have clubs you can join for moms that are expecting around the same time you are. They have an extensive list of Q&As and you can list your own question to members and they write you back! Its so cool! Thank you Steph for that tip, its awesome!

One of the other features they have is a due date calculator..which also helped explain to me how the nurse at the doctor's office determined I was 4 weeks already? I didnt get that math..now I do. Anyways...I plugged in the numbers it asked me for..and viola..we got a TENTATIVE due date! So..without further ado...drum roll please...our due date is none other than OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! FEBRUARY 20TH!! So, I guess we will see if Peanut makes "his" appearance then or not. The sooner the better. But not until "he" is healthy! D and I were talking last night..we just dont know how we're going to make it 9 more months...we're so excited..we're ready for Peanut to come already. BUT we're also reminded of how broke we will be once Peanut comes (who knew insurance on Peanut alone would cost us an additional $300 a month, plus day-care, diapers, and baby STUFF) and we still have so much to do before Peanut comes, and then the 9 months of pregnancy just doesnt seem so long anymore. How does that country song go..."You're gonna miss this" ...so I keep telling myself to cherish every moment about this journey and not try to rush to the delivery date. And Im sure the song is right..one day I will miss this part and want it back...

Oh and trust me..I made sure to remind D..if Peanut comes on our wedding anniversary, that will be QUITE a gift...but Peanut's birthday and our anniversary are 2 separate things..so no skimping on anniversary gifts, LOL! Just kidding, not really : ) I know having a baby will be the greatest gift ever, but I do not want to lose sight of what a tremendous accomplishment one more year of marriage is each year. So many couples just dont make the cut these days. Trust us, we know : ) So I want to cherish every year I have with this amazing man. D, may you continue to put up with me..and my antics! Cheers my love..have one for me : )

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