Monday, June 21, 2010

Are we lucky or what? : )

This week Peanut (thats what D and I have started calling Baby K) is going to be a traveling peanut! In just a few short days we will set off for the great state of California. Last year, pre-peanut, we went to Cabo and flew Continental Airlines. They asked us to take a later flight, which we obliged, and they gave us vouchers for $200 a person that were good for a year. So this year when I asked D where he would like to go he said he had always wanted to go to CA and drive up and down the coast. So..we booked our flight for arrivial in Sacramento and figured we would take advantage of casa de la Aunt Boopy and Uncle Fred's hospitality. we are..diligently planning our vacation. Originally we had planned to spend a couple days in Sacramento, a couple days in San Fran, and maybe a day trip to Lake Tahoe south. Well..since it wasnt ski season we decided to nix Lake Tahoe. Tuesday June 8th D comes home grinning ear to ear. I finally get it out of him what he is so excited about..and he tells me he has booked a trip to NAPA for me while we are in CA! I am BEYOND to Dustin and family, and a good choc may be my very favorite thing in the world. He not only booked the trip, but enlisted the help of my Aunt for the very best places to go while there in Napa. She told him to take me to a winery in an old castle, as well as one in a cave. I am so excited I can barely sit still. Then..just 4 days later we find out Peanut is on his way! LOL!!! What a mess. The trip of a lifetime and well..the news of a lifetime : ) "He" is worth it. Dustin tells me he will buy me a bottle of all the wine I think I might like and we'll bring it home and drink it in a doesnt that sound awesome..a year...really : ) Good thing wine gets better with age.
Well with Napa having a sligth bummer..we decide to focus a lot of our attention on the San Fran leg of our trip. Dustin's work schedule is really hectic right now so he delgates this portion of the trip to me. I gladly take it on and hope we can book some fun things to do and places to stay. As I start booking our vacation I soon discover that many of the hotels are already booked. What the heck? I finally find a great hotel and book it and decide to inquire, while I have a body on the phone, as to why everything is so booked. The guy proudly fills me in on the fact that this is San Fran's greatest weekend. It is none other than GAY PRIDE weekend in the gay capitol of the world. Seriously?? I mean..who does this happen to? Napa trip and you cant drink...San Fran trip and its gay pride weekend. I quickly fill Dustin in and ask him if he wants to rethink this whole Lake Tahoe thing...and to my surprise he is still game for San Fran!! I am actually really excited to make it back there...SF has been a long time top pick on my list of fav cities. And maybe the parade will keep a lot of people away from Alcatraz AND the Ghiradelli chocolate factory...because I plan to spend quite a bit of time in there. I hope Peanut allows it. So far he has had nothing to do with sweets still. The lil dictator! : ) So Peanut..we promised to be good parents and like my mom did with me...expose you to culture and are keeping up our end of the bargain! We love you Peanut...may you enjoy your weekend in SF..and more importantly..please let mom enjoy this weekend without showing my lunch and ruining everyone's parade : )

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