Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh Mr Sandman..bring me a dream..and for pete's sake will someone get D a stroller : )

Before I dive off into the latest with Baby K..I thought I would mention a couple little side notes. First off...I can eat EVERYTHING right now. Lil Nugget is a hungry, hungry little person and mom just cannot bring it in fast enough. However...I have lost 6 pounds!! Talk about relishing something..this has been the best week of my life! Baby K also has a taste for anything and everything spicy..and foods I dont like..I cannot stand sausage or pepperoni. And peanut butter has never been one of my favs either. Here lately, if it is spicy, pepperoni, or peanunt butter, its gone! And if you know me, you know I cannot say no to any sweets. Brownies, cake, milkshakes, anything sweet used to be my best friend. I havent wanted anything sweet in a week now. Actually the thought of it kind of repulses me. The only sweet that sounds good is chocolate milk.
I am starting to wonder if this baby is mine? No brownies? Surely we are not related : )

My husband has had a long time history of talking in his sleep. One infamous story of this "talent" of his occurred when he was much younger and spending the night at his best friend Cory's house. Dustin, sound asleep sits up, looks over at Cory, eyes still closed, and says as loud as he can.."Its ALL GOOOOOODD!" What a nerd! : ) Last night our Peanut had me up for a few hours. During the time of misery and excitement I laid in the bed looking up at the ceiling and thinking how incredibly lucky I am. I was half way wondering what must be going through his mind when all of the sudden he let me know. Out of nowhere D evidently starts talking about work? I look over thinking my tossing and turning has woken him up and he's talking to me...nope...I look over and he is sound asleep. And when he talks in his sleep its not the mumbo jumbo cant really understand what you're saying babble. Oh guy, true to form, as confident and articulate asleep as he is awake!! In perfect annunciation D says, "No the stucco needs to protrude out, not be flush with the wall"
He then evidently wanders over to the OTHER part of his peanut : ) Again in perfect form he says, "No I think we should get this stroller. I like the way it looks better and it will fit in your car much easier" Again with the stroller my love? Really?? This boy...never ceases to put a smile on my face. I couldnt help but crack up as I lay there in bed. So Mr. Sandman...although I do enjoy these cramps because I know they are making room for our Peanut...I would appreciate the occasional dream sleep (while I still can) And will someone please buy my husband a is evidently weighing heavily on his mind : )

This weekend we are going to enjoy the QUIET in our house that is no doubt a temporary fixture. Tonight we are going to watch a movie and laugh at what a difference a week can make in our lives : ) Tomorrow...I guess we will go buy a stroller. Wishing the best to all of you...have a great weekend

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