Monday, June 14, 2010

Week #1 Oh my Gosh!!!

Well...many of you will not get to read this for another week or more. A friend of mine from high school started a blog when they were expecting and I have loved it so much, I decided to start my own. I am..week one of we're pregnant..actually only 48 hours into we're pregnant : ) As I said not many people know right now. But you will..and I wanted to write down all of my feelings as they come so you can experience this crazy journey with us! is our story. This past Friday night Dustin (who I will lovingly refer from here on out as D or DK) and I went to Pearland to visit with my sis and Dad. We had an awesome dinner at Centercourt with a few drinks (little did I know they would be my last for a while) and good company. The following day D and I stayed home and worked around the house and ran errands. That night we were supposed to head over to the neighbor's house for some vino and more good company. I had just half corked the bottle of vino I had selected for the evening when D said you have shown more symptoms this month than ever before, we should take a test before you drink the wine. I told him he was crazy and I wasnt even "late" yet. But, the big guy must have given D a hunch. order to humor my husband I decide to take the dumb test. We sit in the bathroom together while we wait the 3 minutes for it to "post" I say to know this is a huge waste of time right? He agrees but says it didnt hurt anything. I go to pick up the test that will no doubt say "NOT pregnant" and WHOA NELLIE..I nearly fell over when the NOT was missing from the test results. D looked at me...we cried, we hugged, and we both thought..what are we going to do? I have never felt such a wave of emotion my whole life. It didnt go at all like I had in mind. I thought I would have some sort of sign that this was coming...or symptoms at least? I had nothing...and having always been told by many doctors that it would be really hard for me to conceieve without meds..I was even more floored. 10 minutes after the results we kept staring at the test waiting on the NOT to show could this be?? That was almost too easy??? And QUICK : ) Who'd a thought Mrs D Kelch was aka Fertile Fairy! My emotions swirled over the next 24 hours, everything from total excitement to panic, to absolute FEAR and isolation. I felt like the only prego woman in the world. And I had this GREAT guy by my side...why in the world I felt alone, I dont understand. BUT, the good news is that quickly faded into utter elation. Speaking of utter..that is one symptom I already have..I feel like a cow..a big bloated cow!! I know it will only get worse from here..but at least it will be a firm BIG belly..right now I feel like the ocean is in my tummy. A lot of my fears were subdued by a really good friend who just had a baby. I have always loved this girl to pieces but my goodness....who knew she was also my guardian angel through this. D and I met her and her fab husband the morning after we found out and what a doll! She just had a baby so she had all kinds of knowledge and do's and dont's to pass on to us. It was also really nice to get her husband's point of view on all this and I know it helped D out a lot. This lunch came complete with amazing hand me down books and our very first baby that will help it seem real like no other, baby gifts!! I am SO blessed to have this angel in my life right now. Thank you APC, I dont know what I would have done without you those first 24 hours! The day was followed by more good news when I also found out some more girls in the neighborhood are also expecting? Alone?? What was I thinking?? D tells me I talk A LOT so I will wrap this up..but I just want to say THANK YOU..for reading the blog in its entirity, for being there for me, and thank you God for this amazing blessing you have bestowed upon us. I hope we will make you proud : ) Special thanks to D really quickly. I dont know how you put up with me those first 24 hours, I know I was a real peach..but I love you more than you could ever imagine! Thank you for our baby, and for choosing to live this crazy life with me : )

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