Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby K has an Auntie A!!!!!!

Well..Baby K has a new name. Baby K is now lovingly being referred to as "Lil Nugget" by "his" Auntie Ashley!! Last night Dustin and I decided if Ashley wouldnt come to us, we would go to her. Ha! Ever since we found out Saturday night that we were expecting I have been dying to tell all the family. I asked Ash to come to dinner Sunday..she couldnt. Tried to make plans for dinner with her this week..she wasnt free until Thursday, and suggested sushi...that wouldnt work : ) So last night she had a kickball game in Pearland and we stopped by there to watch her game. I told her D had a meeting on that side of town to throw her off and that we were craving one of our favs for dinner...Central Texas BBQ. We watched the end of her last game and as D and I sat in the bleachers we giggled about yelling out, "GO AUNTIE" when she was up to kick. Ha! We waited until she finished and as we were heading out of the parking lot she asked me if I would like a beer. Dustin laughed and chimed in and said, "No you cant have a beer." I looked back at him and smiled and said, "why not, because Im pregnant?" Ashley stopped dead in her tracks screamed, cried, smiled the biggest smile, and then hugged me so hard I thought I might topple over : ) She then announced to the entire ball park that she was going to be an Aunt and her sis was PREGNANT, was hands down one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. Or as my Dad says, "Tonight was another part of the reel that flashes before my eyes when I go" We went on to eat at Central Texas and Ashley proceeded to cry and laugh and hug me throughout dinner. I have never felt more excited in my life. Auntie Ashley then texted me throughout the rest of the night telling me how much she loved me and how excited she was. She already has a plan together to buy "Lil Nugget" a drum set and feed "him" cake for breakfast. I laughed when she told me about feeding Lil Nugget cake for breakfast. A long standing memory for Ash and I is how absolutely spoiled we always were with our entire family and especially our Aunt Debbi. On multiple occassions when we stayed over with her we would wake up to, "who wants pie for breakfast???" Hahaha! Ash and I would look at eachother puzzled and say pie for breakfast..and Aunt Debbi would reply back with.." is a fruit!" So many fond memories with all of our family, I am so excited to bring a new life into this world with such an amazing family to love on "him" And..I know with my heart of hearts that Ash will be a great Aunt and I am really excited that she is so eager to take on her new role.
Another exciting event last night...Baby K also has another grandma! Dustin has been so anxious to tell his mom the new news! He finally gave in and called her on her way home last night. We wanted to wait until her birthday but that was still 3 weeks away. She was thrilled beyond words and I know it meant the world to D to hear her anticipation of the upcoming "Lil Nugget" She wants to go shopping already, LOL! If you know Jolene, this will comes as no surprise to you : ) if he werent a dream come true already..surprised me yet again yesterday. On our way down to the ballpark last night to meet Ash he told me he stopped by the day care I mentioned in the post below. The one we will have to win the lottery in order to afford. : ) He stopped by there on the way home since he got off early, and he even took a tour. His eagerness and "hands on" attitude through this whole thing have touched my heart more than I ever thought imagineable. I have always known DK was a dream come true..but it never ceases to amaze me how truly blessed I am to have this man and "daddy" in my life. And let me tell you..this is one excited Daddy-to-be! He informed me last night he wants the BIGGEST sign ever in the yard when Lil Nugget debuts. So Judy...get your jig saw and painting skills ready, cause D wants a baby sign : )

Side note: I keep referring to the baby as Lil Nugget or "him" because I dont want to call Baby K "it"...and I am hoping for first, a healthy baby...but second...a BOY! I have wanted a little boy since I was a little I am hoping Baby K turns out to be a happy, healthy, baby boy. Dustin says he has no preference at all just healthy. So I hope he gets what he wants, and that I get what I want : ) LOL.

There are still so many people to tell this new exciting news to and I cant wait to spread the word with D..and everyone has been a dream come true. Dustin and I are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. I have never felt more loved in all my life. Just know that each and every one of you mean so much to us, and thank you for being excited about our news. I know this baby will be spoiled and loved beyond our wildest dreams. GOD IS GOOD!

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