Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does the Dr. know I am clueless???

So...only 72 hours into this whole thing and I am beyond excited!! ELATED even. Last night I had some of the girls from the neighborhood over for dinner. We watched The Bachelorette, ate brownies and laughed at how incredibly dumb this reality show is. But, it does make for good Monday night entertainment, especially in the summer when all the shows are re-runs. All the girls found out the news last night and they were all thrilled for us. Having so much excitement and happiness around us makes a huge difference and I consider us truly, truly blessed.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I made my first doctor's appointment..that was both exciting and incredibly frustrating. I call the lady, give her my information, she asks some questions and somehow determines that I am at least a month along? I dont understand her math in this, but I wont go into all of that. So..my first appointment is June 29th at 2pm. I asked the receptionist if that was the soonest she could get me in and she said yes. She proceeded to tell me the doctor liked to see patients at their 6-8 week mark. I then proceeded to tell her does the doctor realize I have no CLUE what Im doing and I should probably see her right away! If left unattended I may go eat sushi, drink caffeinated beverages, and dye my hair...its important I see her right away. The receptionist suggested I get a book and hang tight. I guess she has done this before : ) So...see previous blog regarding hand me down books from my angel APC..so thats what we did, we read. Last night after the girls left I went into our bedroom to tell D that he could come out now. I felt bad banishing him to our room during girls night but he had the Wii and seemed content. When I went in there there was no Wii bowling going on..instead he was curled up on our bed reading the baby books and telling me all about what Im to experience in the next couple weeks.... he read ahead : )

In addition to making my first appointment I also called around to inquire about day cares/nannies. The day care we would like to place Baby K in is on a waiting list until Jan..so as much as it seems like I am WAY ahead of myself..not the case. Right now we are at the top of the list for our March/April arrival. Now..all we have to do is hit the lottery or take out a second mortgage on the house in order to afford said day care. We have QUICKLY come to the realization that we will be blissfully broke for the rest of our lives : )

This morning Dustin's mind must have been racing about all we have to do as well. On one hand we're both thinking, we have 9 months we can relax...on the other hand we're in full out freak out mode (well scratch that...I am in full on freak out mode, D is his normal, calm, collected self) that we ONLY have 9 months until our lives change forever. Anyways, D popped right up this morning from his slumber and said...we got to get a stroller. I laughed and asked, "right now?" He said well...yeah..we got to get a stroller. Little do we know, the stroller will probably be the least of our worries. We both got ready for work..and I again thanked my lucky stars for no REAL morning sickness.... YET. And Dustin thanked me for carrying our little one. Now if that doesnt make you melt........ : ) Who wouldnt want to have kiddos with this amazing guy?

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