Thursday, June 17, 2010

You're pregnant...CRAP! : )

Not a whole lot going on in Baby K world today. Had another case of the pregnancy hormones today and spent most of the day quiet and a little sad. I am worried about what my job may say once they find out we're expecting. But..for now I am going to keep plugging away and doing a good job and keeping my chin up.

Last night Dustin texted one of his good buddies from work to tell him the news. Now this story may not be so funny to those of you that do not know Coleman..but for those that do..this text message exchange had D and I rolling on the floor laughing last night. Dustin joined a deer lease this year and we are very excited about it. Coleman is also on this same lease and he and D can get into all kinds of trouble together, they are quite a pair. We always talked about raising our kids on a deer lease, just like Ashley and I had growing up. Looks like that will be a reality now : ) Below is the exchange...

Dustin: Lauren is pregnant!

Mike: CRAP!!!
Is that good?
Bye bye deer lease...

Dustin: YES its good

Mike: Name him Mike

Dustin: What if its a girl?

Mike: Dont even talk like that. NO GIRLS!

Like I said, it may not be funny to those that dont know Coleman but we laughed until our sides hurt last night.

One thing I thought I may mention, I am sooo ready for Lil Nugget! Its funny how much can change in just a few days. On Sunday I was in full out panic mode that we werent ready..there were still vacations to take, big ticket items to buy, selfish acts to accomplish..lots to do! that I have come to grips with Lil Nugget I am so incredibly overjoyed and excited I feel like I am going to burst. I get giddy now with every cramp (even though they hurt BAD) And I absolutely cannot wait to get to the point where I get to feel movement in there. BUT, in the mean time I am going to relish every moment of this. It has completely blown my mind how much I have enjoyed bring pregnant so far. Must be from all the pampering I am getting at home : ) This blog has suprised me too...and how much I enjoy writing about our Baby K. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Im sure there will be lots more to blog about..but today was a slow day. Thanks for stopping by! God has truly, truly blessed us and I am so very happy!

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