Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes

Peanut has yet another new nick name this week..the emperor or the tiny dictator...this lil person is ruling the roost right now...dictating every little detail of our lives already, and the lil peanut is not even does that happen? : ) Peanut has been full force this week with the nausea, so mom is not feeling well at all. Thank goodness I usually feel worse at I am able to accomplish a tiny bit in the mornings after my daily dose of Eggo waffles...but after around 11am its downhill from there. I hear this will pass I am going to keep my fingers crossed that as this first trimester comes to a close, so will my sense of feeling green constantly : )

I am 10 1/2 weeks now...I know, where did the time go? Only 2 more weeks and I am past our first trimester! Woo-hoo...we are also pretty much in the clear at that time for come on 2nd trimester!! I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I am anxious to see what the doc says about Peanut's growth and progression. I will report out once I hear. We also have Dustin's 10 year high school reunion this coming weekend and D is especially excited to go back and see some old friends.

D and I have been pretty diligent about walking every night, and on one of our walks the other night one of the neighbors, who has quickly become one of my all time fav girls in the whole world stopped to chat with us. D and I have been very lucky in finding this neighborhood to start our family. Seems like almost everyone is our age, and all but one couple on our street is currently dont drink the water : ) But this one particular neighbor and I seemed to hit it off, and I really love this girl. She is a great person through and through..and although I have only known her for a short time, I hope to remain friends with her for years to come. She mentioned to us that she found a gift for our lil person and presented us with a really cute gift bag. Inside was hands down my all time favorite Peanut gift so without further ado...below is a pic of Peanut's new threads. I dont think any gift could have been any more perfect..and I know I will cherish this forever. I see this onesie being packed away in baby trunk one day, it will no doubt be one of those baby items I will never be able to part with. Thanks Mel for the truly spectacular gift. It truly meant a lot to Dustin and I, we love it, and so will Peanut : )

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