Thursday, August 5, 2010

I promise not to paint walls...YET! : )

I want to start this blog with a quick snip to say jut how incredibly happy I am with life right now. I went back to work at Continental this week and I could not be more content. Yes, the money is awful...but I am loving being back at work, and I really appreciate D standing by my side and allowing me to take this job over a higher paying one. Aside from that, I get more excited every day about welcoming a lil person into the world. I see toddlers at the store or even babies and I cannot wait to have our very own. And lord knows there is no better partner in the world to have a kiddo with. I have never been more at peace or content in all my life, and I just wanted to share that really quickly.

So it just occurred to me that I have been a horrible mother and havent updated the blog since my last doctor's appointment. So, for those of you that have not already heard the goes. I met with my doctor last Friday for her to check on our precious cargo. She couldnt find the heartbeat still with her stethoscope so she had to do another ultrasound. (YEAH) While she was doing the ultrasound she was surprised at how much the baby was moving around in my tummy. Although it is still too early for me to feel "him" moving he was no kidding doing somersaults in there. The lil acrobat!! She said babies dont tend to do somersaults until about 12 she was thinking that I was actually at 12 weeks instead of 11. Which would put this coming Saturday, 8/7/2010 as week #13 and not week #12. So yeah!!!!!!! It is officially safe to say that we are pretty much in the clear for miscarriage!! Woo-hoo Peanut, make momma fat!! In addition to witnessing Peanut's gymnastic aptitude the doctor also said..."Oh!" To which I that good? She then said, OK..if you promise not to paint walls in the nursery, or count this as a definite answer, I will tell you what the baby's sex looks like right now. She then turned the monitor towards me and waited for Peanut to spread open his lil legs and show us the goods...drum roll....not 20 seconds later that lil toot gave us a full monty and there it was...a tiny lil TT!!! So, even though its early, it looks like our Peanut may indeed have a Pea-nis!! (haha)
My next dr appt is on August 27th...and we should know by then what this lil toot is going to be!

In the mean time...Daddy DK asked me to write a quick synopsis of what foods I am craving so we can look back at this. goes. My current cravings

VENISON or beef please! Absolutely NO chicken or fact, I cant even talk about them. However, sushi sounds amazing?? WHAT? I think this stems more from my craving of salty foods and I want the soy sauce on the sushi and not so much the sushi

Chinese food..which I didnt even eat until I met DK. But I love chinese food right now, and aside from Chikfila chciken sandwiches, this is the only way I will eat chicken right now. Brnig on the General Tso's

KETCHUP!! Especially Whataburger ketchup! Again, I think this is something with the salt or the vinegar? We went to Wal-Mart the other day and a bottle of vinegar had spilled on the was the most heavently aroma I have smelled in 3 months! : )

FRUIT..apples more any form, sliced, baked, apple sauce, pie....but my favorite is sliced with a dollop of peanut butter and a glass of milk on the side. YUM!

Finally..WAFFLES!! This one craving for whatever reason is not going away? I have eaten 2 waffles every morning for breakfast for the last month..and although its not the healthiest meal I could eat..its not the worst, and boy does it make my tummy happy in the morning! I cant believe I am not tired of this yet though?

I think that about wraps it up. Other than to say that every day I am more thankful for the amazing man I have by my side. I have really felt green the last few weeks and I dont know what I would do without Dustin! He is by far the most amazing, thoughtful, considerate man I have ever come across! I love you D, I cant tell you enough...and I cannot wait to have this tiny person with you. Cheers to today, tomorrow, and forever my love! You are my EVERYTHING

To Peanut, one day when you read this, I hope you can tell how much your mommy and daddy love you already! We wanted you, and God blessed us and we could not be any more thrilled about your arrival. Your daddy hugs you every night, and I think about you constantly and cannot wait to hold you in my arms. We love you our precious baby!

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