Friday, August 27, 2010

Well Little Peanut...this is my letter to you.

I wanted to write you a quick note and tell you how much we are thinking about you. Tomorrow marks your 16 week "baking" period. We have a doctor's appt today and we are hoping like heck you and the doctor both cooperate and decide to go ahead and tell us if you will be a boy or a girl. I will be honest here the beginning, we both wanted a boy pretty badly. Now, all I want to do is hold you in my arms and smell your sweet smell. Your daddy and I woke up this morning talking about the day you will one day come into this world and how we knew it would be the best day of our lives so far...aside from the day we married one another : )

Your name lil one has already been now all we need is for you to tell us which one you prefer. If you are a girl your name will be Karleigh Marie Kelch...your Daddy came up with this name and your mom thinks its the best name ever! It sounds like pig tails and BIG bows, and until you are old enough to protest...well, that's what is going to be in your hair (which I am certain you have because the book says heartburn=hair..and well love have been giving mom a lot of heart burn) Some people have asked us if your "girl" name is a family name...and to be honest Peanut the answer to that is yes...and no. None of your human family has ever held the name Karleigh, or Marie. But, your furry friend, who I know you are going to love is Daisy MARIE in some form you will hold a family name. And dont be upset Peanut that you and the dog share the same name. At one point I thought I couldnt possible love that pooch any more...then I found out you were coming into my life. This pooch is more than a have both held my heart at different points in time :)

And if you are a boy Peanut...your name will be Gage Matthew Kelch, as your dad jokingly says..this name is "strong like bull" Yes, you can tease him one day for saying that : ) I do! Truth is Peanut, we dont really know how we came up with this name either. But from the day we started building the house you will come home from the hospital to, we have called you Gage, and even dubbed your room Gage's room way back before the room was even built and the house was just a concrete foundation. As you can see Peanut, we have dreamed about you for quite some time. You have always been a dream, and now you will be a dream come true and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky for that. You decided to come earlier than we expected (see blog #1) but we know God has placed you here NOW for a reason and looking back we wouldnt have it any other way.

So in just a few hours we will know how our lives will be mapped out. Whether we start saving for the Princess wedding you always wanted...or the hot rod car/truck I KNOW your Dad is going to buy you one day (he cant help himself, you will learn to love this about him as you grow up..he spoils ALL of us rotten) Your Dad is amazing and beside himself with joy over your upcoming arrival. I want you to know that you and Daddy are the 2 best things to ever happen to me. If ever you have doubts about how much we adore you, I want you to always look back at this letter and know how VERY much your dad and I love you...even though we have never seen, held, or met you! You are our angel, our souls, our bake away for 5 more months and we will meet you then. We love you our precious baby...see you (via ultrasound) in a couple hours. Say cheese!

Love - Mom, Dad, and Daisy!

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