Monday, September 13, 2010

Can you hear something in there?

Well...most everyone knows now that we did not find out at our last ultrasound what our lil Peanut was going to be. But...we did schedule our big ultrasound and our 4D pictures for Sept 21st at will for sure know then whether we are having a prince or princess. In the mean time D and I are on pins and needles wondering boy or girl...we cant wait.

Not much else to report out on. I am still not feeling all that great. BUT..I did have 2 whole nausea free days over the weekend, it was BLISS. I dont know if I am crossing a milestone or if I just got lucky. So nausea today a corner has been turned. Think happy thoughts that it has : )

I did want to share a sweet (well I thought it was sweet) picture of my princess. This picture was taken this past Saturday afternoon while Miss Daisy and I lounged on the couch. She sleeps in this position often, but this is the first time I was able to capture her on camera. I swear she is listening to the baby's heartbeat...but most of the time this is how she cuddles up with me anymore...with her head on my tummy and her ear to the belly : ) I think she loves Peanut as much as we do!

Only 8 more days til we know for sure what our love bug is!

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