Friday, September 24, 2010

September 21st....a day I will remember always

Well, most of you have heard the news already...but here is the story of how Peanut came to be, Gage Matthew Kelch. I got to work early that morning since I would be leaving early to go to the doctor. The minutes literally crawled by waiting for 1:30pm to come around when D would come pick me up and we would head to the docs office together. At times throughout the day I literally had to stop and take deep breaths to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest. I dont think I have ever had such anticipation in my life! Finally...the time came and D and I rode over to "our future" ha ha. The imaging center took me back first to take a look at Peanut's measurements. They wanted to make sure all the baby's bones looked good and were measuing correctly, heart was of normal size, brain developing well, etc. They asked me while taking all these measurements if I wanted my husband with me when they announced the sex of our Peanut. I said YES! So a few minutes passed and they left to go get Dustin from the waiting room. D came back into the room with me and asked if I already knew...I said no I was waiting for you. He held my hand and I could feel him shaking. I asked him if he was nervous and he said no just REALLY excited. The doctor came back a few minutes later and reviewed all the pictures with us....thats when she said, and there are his little boy parts. Dustin squeezed my hand, I cried (imagine that) and told him he had made all my wildest dreams come true. I still cant believe we have beeen this blessed! We left the doctor's office with 20 something pictures of Gage Matthew and headed over to a great dinner with family. We all met at Maggianos and my sister got there first, before us even..and she was over an hour early : ) Can you say excited? Ha ha! Not only did she get there early, I had 2 DOZEN roses waiting on me with a a huge gift basket as well. Inside the basket were all the essentials for a baby stuff, Ashley said..that would all come later. For now, she was taking care of me and had all kinds of mommy stuff in it...including some amazing candles, lotions, my favorite lotion infused socks that smelled like lavendar and the best book I have ever read...its all about babies : ) I LOVED this gift basket. We told Ashley as soon as we got there that Peanut was going to be a boy and she immediately started crying. Later at dinner we also mentioned to her that we would like for her to be Gage's godmother and she broke down again. Dustin's family does not follow this tradition...but we have always had godparents in ours and Ashley and I are both blessed to have some of the best godparents in the world! I know Ashley will carry on this tradition well and I was so happy to see her so touched with her new title. She is definitely excited about this baby and she has really made me feel special during this time. Actually everyone has made D and I feel special during this time. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, and Jolene and Steph...I cant thank you two enough for helping me register this weekend. I enjoyed the heck out of it, and I feel so much more prepared for our angel now.
Dustin and I drove home in pretty much silence...I laughed and said are you OK babe. He looked at me and said I still cant believe we're havign a kid...more or less that its a boy! Ha ah! This whole concept still hasnt completely sunk in yet for either of us..but I know it will. So Gage Matthew...welcome sweet baby! We are sooo happy to meet you and give you a name now. Even though we all still call you Peanut here and there : ) Oh and those deep voices you keep hearing around 6pm every night. Thats your dad's voice. Every day when he gets home he tells us both how much he loves us and how much he missed us, and he cant wait to meet you. You are going to be one spoiled kiddo and we cant wait. I love you our angel...

Below are some pics from the ultrasound, as well as my growing belly. Gage Matthew is really starting to make his presence known...its like my tummy grew overnight!

Here's my big belly!

Here are my boy parts!

Here is my thumb's up sign : )

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