Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's craving???

Carrots with gobs and gobs of ranch! But I only want to smell the ranch, not eat it? Baby puzzle me sometimes. Last night, it was chocolate cupcakes with 4 inches of icing!! I didnt eat it, because I didnt feel wel enough to bake the cupcakes, but you wanted them nonetheless : )

The other thing I am puzzled about...why in the world am I still feeling nausea like its week 6? The nausea didnt kick in full force until week 8 or so...but my goodness, does it ever end? I hopped on the internet and joined a group of girls that are all expecting in Feb 2011. Seems like a handful of them are still feeling green...but most people had their symptoms go away at week 10? Not fair! : ) Well, Mr Peanut...I have no choice but to hang in there, but just know this is getting old...and mommies never forget anything! So when you're a teenager and you are wanting to stay out later or get out of trouble for something...I will think back to all those weeks you made me feel like poo and will have no trouble dishing out chores to do! So you keep that in mind Peanut.

More later, but I wanted to fill anyone interested in on the craving-o-the-day!

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