Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wake up sleepy head!

Good Morning All...well...everyone except Peanut. This morning we had our Down's Syndrome testing. We wont know the results for another 2 weeks, but we went ahead and did the test. The test is completely optional, its not required. And we know no matter what the results, we are going to love this baby more than we ever thought possible. But, we wanted to know ahead of time what we were up against, because if our baby does have special needs, mommy will not be returning to work, and we need to make some concessions accordingly. So...for 2 weeks we're going to wait to hear back, and in the mean time just pray our Peanut is A-OK : )

In order to do the test they measure the amount of tissue behind the baby's neck, and they also do blood work. The ultrasound tech was trying to get Peanut to roll over so she could get a good pic of his neck and he was not having it. She pushed and pushed on my tummy to get him to wake up to no avail. The only time he really moved was when I laughed. He seems to respond to that really well. At one point she pushed pretty hard and we could see his little hand actually push back against my tummy. It was the cutest thing! I got to see Peanut's lil legs, arms, and hands too. 5 fingers in the picture...TINY little hands. I also got to see the spine, ribs, and his lil heart beat flicker. The heart rate was at 160 beats per minute this morning. The tech said that was normal : ) Poor Dad came to the doctor with me, but didnt get to partake in any of the fun. They wouldnt let Dad's back in the ultrasound room for some reason : ( But I do so appreciate Daddy DK taking the time out of his day to accopmany me. Dustin, you are the BEST!

So...aside from being an uncooperative sleepy head, our Peanut looked good this morning. My next appt with the doctor is Aug 27th and I will be between 16-17 weeks by then. We are hoping like heck they will tell us FOR SURE what Peanut will really be. I still think its a boy...but...I have been eye balling some really cute girl nurseries here lately! : ) So I guess we will see. Here's a pic of our Peanut today.

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