Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet our baby....

My mom sent me a link this morning of a website that took pictures of the parents and morphed them into an image of your baby...the results are not fantastic, but it was comical all the same.

I thought I would post the results below.

In other news, everything is coming along fine. I am dreaming about our Peanut every night and wondering constantly what our baby might be. I actually dreamed 2 nights ago that Peanut was a girl and Dustin wouldnt talk to me...crazy I know, but that was the dream. I am counting down the days until my next doctor's appt when they will hopefully shed some light on this baby's "parts" and I can paint the nursery. Dustin and I are chomping at the bit to start working on the nursery. Dustin wants to build something in there really neat for the baby. We dont know what that mught be yet....but something special. I am kind of thinking built in book cases or a custom toy box...but we'll see. The nausea seems to have lifted a wee bit, which has been GLORIOUS!! I definitely have more energy again too...but I attribute much of that to not feeling so green. Either way, relief has been so nice. I can feel the baby "move" around in there a bit. I cant feel kicking or anything like feels more like when you drink a lot of water and then you can hear/feel the water moving around in your tummy. Thats what it feels like. I am anxious for the time when I can feel kicking and moving...but I know one day I will miss this early phase in the pregnancy I am doing my best to cherish every minute. My belly is starting to pooch too. Most people still dont notice, but those looking for it can tell...and my pants are for the most part not fitting at all. Its neat to see the progress, but I know I will miss pre-maternity clothes in no time..
Oh, Dustin bought me an iphone last week so at our next ultrasound I can video record the baby moving around inside my tummy in addition to the still life photos. I will upload the videos to the blog as soon as I leave the next doc appt on the 27th.

Anyways, thats about all for now. Things are still going great and I will continue to keep you all updated.

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