Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A for effort!!

This morning when I dropped Gage off at school, the teacher stopped me and wanted to talk to me about G's bottles. I noticed that it took Gage a long time to finish a 5oz bottle..but I atrributed that to the amount that was in the bottle. A larger the quantity, the longer it takes to get it all down type theory. Anyways..the daycare teacher informed me that he was falling asleep a lot while taking his bottles and she thought he was ready for the #2 nipples. Gage is currently using the #1's. For those of you not aware, the #2 nipples have a larger opening, and therefore the milk comes out faster and the baby doesnt have to work so hard.

I mentioned to Dustin today that perhaps we should try her recommendation. Being the amazing Daddy that he is, he stopped on his way home from work and got some. Again, being the best daddy in the world...he removed them from the package and diligently boiled them to ensure Peanut's safety.

I just got the email below from Dustin..LOL...I give him an A for effort.

From Dustin:
I'm dumb! I bought 6 nipples and they had a #2 on them. Turns out it means 2 in each package. They are the same as we already had and I already opened and boiled them all. They didn't have any others at walmart

Oh..I also got this picture of our little angel

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