Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They start early...

Yesterday Dustin went to pick Gage up from school. When he got there Gage was laying on the floor on his tummy. Because his little neck muscles are not quite that strong yet, when he is on his tummy it sort of resembles a little turtle stretching their neck out of their shell. Its really cute the way his head kind of wobbles back and forth. Anyways, he was on his tummy looking at this little girl who was also on the play mat. She is about 6 months old..or as Dustin says…twice his age..

She was on her tummy too and they were just staring at one another with great curiosity. When Dustin bent down to pick up Gage the little girl's tiny chin just started quivering, her bottom lip puckered out into a full pout and then she started crying as hard as she could…

Evidently Daddy had taken her little friend away! Guess he wasn’t born on the day of love for nothing : ) The little cupid

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